Peer-reviewed journal publications (*denotes mentored undergraduate)

  • C.S. Pirner*, N.A. Palmer*, I.M.B. Reizman. Techno-economic assessment of a bioprocess for long-chain dicarboxylic acid production from vegetable oils: A case study for distillers corn oil. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery (2022).
  • A. Gupta, I.M.B. Reizman, C.R. Reisch, K.L.J. Prather. Autonomous, Scalable and Pathway-Independent Strategies to Dynamically Modulate Metabolic Fluxes for Improved Microbial Production. Nature Biotechnology, 35(3): 273-279, (2017).
  • I.M.B. Reizman, A.R. Stenger, C.R. Reisch, A. Gupta, N.C. Connors, K.L.J. Prather. Improvement of glucaric acid production in E. coli via dynamic control of metabolic fluxes. Metabolic Engineering Communications, 2:109-116, (2015).
  • I.M. Brockman, K.L.J. Prather. Dynamic knockdown of E. coli central metabolism for redirecting glucose-6-phosphate fluxes. Metabolic Engineering, 28: 104-113, (2015). 
  • I.M. Brockman, K.L.J. Prather. Dynamic metabolic engineering: New strategies for developing responsive cell factories. Biotechnology Journal, 10(9): 1360-1369, (2015).
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  • W.A. Kretzschmar, B. A. Kretzschmar, I.M. Brockman. Scaled measurement of geographic and social speech data. Literary and Linguistic Computing, doi:10.1093/llc/fqs058 (2013).

Conference papers

  • M. Nezafati, I.M.B. Reizman, M.K. Marincel Payne, L. Liu. Development of entrepreneurial mindset-driven training materials for undergraduate researchers. ASEE Annual Conference, June 2023.
  • M.K. Marincel Payne, I.M.B. Reizman, A. Ribera, J. Williams. Development and Assessment of an Undergraduate Research Community. ASEE Annual Conference, June 2019.
  • K. Kershaw, J. Aidoo, R. Bercich, T. Grose, K. Hammett, R. Onyancha, I. Reizman, A. Ribera, D. Walters. Global Engineering and the Social Context: A Cross-Disciplinary Course for Undergraduates. Engineering Education for Sustainable Development, June 2018.

Student theses and project reports are available on Rose-Hulman Scholar