About S. Allen Broughton

While at Rose-Hulman, a highly regarded STEM school, my passions were teaching and mathematical scholarship, especially research with  undergraduates. I taught for 13 years total at Memorial University of Newfoundland, the University of Wisconsin, and Cleveland State University before coming to Rose-Hulman as Department Head in 1994. Twenty years later, I stepped down to pursue my teaching and scholarship activities full-time. In 2017, I retired from Rose-Hulman as emeritus professor and continue with mathematical scholarship.
I continue to enjoy my collaborations in the area of Riemann surfaces with my research colleagues in the United States and Europe. I also continue to write and edit a text on image processing.  I chronicle my emeritus activities on the website:  Ask the Doctor (of Math).

My education

Where I’ve taught

Since graduating from Queen’s (actually one year before) I’ve taught at:

before coming to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology as head of the Mathematics Department in August 1994. In 2014 I returned to full faculty status at Rose-Hulman.

You can find out more about me in my CV: Curriculum Vita of S. Allen Broughton