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For a Well Rounded Diet Eat CPB*

*CPB: Corn, Pumpkins, Beans

Once upon a time people scavenged for food instead of going to the store and buying it. Then, instead of wandering around all day until finding something to eat, people started growing their own food. At Ryves Up!, kids are learning this important skill. Theoretically you can grow whatever you want, but apparently if you are from the Midwest you only know how to grow corn. Not to worry! Corn is actually better for you than what you are eating nowadays.


The kids at Ryves Up! grow corn, pumpkin, and beans together since this combo can create a thriving garden. These three foods just happen to create a thriving diet too (as much as a diet can be “thriving”). Researchers believe that changing your diet from the current standard American diet to include mainly pumpkin, corn, and beans can help reduce diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Basically, if you want to live forever eat some corn, pumpkin, and beans.

With the sheer amount of corn grown today providing carbohydrates, it is almost the perfect food to feed humankind. Unfortunately, like everything, it falls short in a couple categories. Corn lacks lysine and tryptophane (to save you the trip to Google these are essential amino acids) and riboflavin and niacin. These nutrients are provided by beans (thanks beans). Pumpkins provide Vitamin A and their seeds provide fats to round out the diet. Ryves Up! exposes the kids to the tactics of growing the parts of the power trio diet, which you can learn more about yourself at Mother Earth News.