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Gardening for the Winter

The Ryves! Up Program aims at bringing the children the idea of leading a green life by helping them practice specific gardening techniques. We support growing natural and unpolluted foods by your own hands through an environmental friendly process. As the end of the harvest season has come, here are the tips you need to know to prepare your garden for the winter:

  • Clean up the remains of plants in harvested beds.
  • Sow the soil and collect the leaves and kitchen garbage to create the compost. Fall leaves can be used for mulching in the garden, as a brown component of compost. Compost is of great significance to your garden. It recycles with 100% natural material and creates non-chemical fertilizers.
  • Put all the materials in a stationary compost bin and wait until it’s fermented. It will add beneficial bacteria and humus to the soil, which will help the plants grow.
  • Add a layer of compost to the ground, it will keep the moisture and temperature of the soil, and help your plants grow healthier.