How Does Gardening Benefit Children’s Lives

We live in a digital world today, and there is a growing concern from parents that kids are spending more time in front of the screens. The Ryves Up! Program can help you with it. We provide children with more opportunities to get in touch with the nature. In this process, they will learn how to appreciate the beauty of different natural species and harvest foods through their own hard work.

Gardening has a lot of advantages for kids. It encourages children to eat healthier. Through their engagement on the fields, children would cherish the foods they grow, and frankly speaking, half the fun of gardening is being able to eat what you grow. It will help them better understand the importance of keeping a balanced diet. Obesity is a less possible problem for them, considering gardening an increase in their outdoor activities.

Kids love to play with mud. Normally, parents might think that there are lots of germs in the soil, so it releases kids in an environment full of germs and pathogens. But lack of childhood exposure to germs may actually raise their risks of getting diseases like asthma, allergies and autoimmune in their grown-up lives. So getting dirty while gardening may strengthen a child’s immunity and overall health.

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