Professor Ross Weatherman, Ph.D.

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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Office: Moench Hall FL-108

Lab: M208

Office Phone: 812-877-8718

Lab Phone: 812-872-6048

Current group members

Tim Harris (Biochemistry, Class of 2021)

Caleigh Kintner (Biochemistry, Class of 2021)

Jon-Michael Beasley (Biochemistry, Class of 2020)

Elizabeth Klaas (Biochemistry, Class of 2020)

Former group members

Rose-Hulman undergraduate students and technicians

Hannah Rowe (2019) Graduate Student at University of Toledo

Xinyi Li (2019) Graduate Student at Rutgers University

Emma Ross (2018) Medical Student at Indiana University

Raghuraj Hoshing (2017) Graduate Student at Brown University

Abigail Etters (2016) Medical Student at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine at New Mexico State Univ.

Kent Kraus (2016) Medical Student at Indiana University

Lauren Miller (2016) Graduate Student at Georgia Tech

David Harvey (2015) Graduate Student at Purdue University

Katherine Moravec (2014) Medical Student at Indiana University

Lauren Gutgesell (2014) Graduate student at Univ. Illinois-Chicago

Corrine Larew (2014) API Formulation Chemist at Array BioPharma

Alex Krug (2013) Lead Chemist at Covance

Kayla Irwin (2013) Chemical Analyst at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Paul Himes (2012) Graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill

Molly Gillam (2011) Graduate student at UT-Southwestern Medical Center

Amanda Jevons (2011) Synthesis Chemist at Dow AgroSciences

Vincent Biondo (2012), Kaci Blumenstock (2012), Sean Finney (2012)

Kati Shearer- Research Associate (2010-2013)

Purdue graduate students

Emily Rickert (Ph.D. 2008, PRF Fellow) Postdoctoral Fellow at UC San Diego

Joe Trebley (Ph.D. 2006, NSF-IGERT Fellow) Head of Startup Support and Promotion at Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation

Sean Oriana (M.S. 2009) Ph.D. student at ETH in Zurich, Switzerland

Tony Peterson (M.S. 2008) Research Investigator at Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Melinda Mead Morrell (M.S. 2004) Independent Clinical Consultant

Priscilla Terrazas Reyes (M.S. 2004, MARC fellow) Patent Agent at Fletcher Yoder

Naomi Diaz (2005-2008) Separations Science Sales Engineer at LECO

Diana Williams (2002-2003) , Tamara Richards (2004-2006), Jennifer Healy (2006-2007)

Purdue undergraduate students

Nick Empley (B.S.P.S., 2008), Megan Fitzgerald (Pharm.D. 2008), Adrienne Armstrong (Pharm.D. 2008), Katherine Behr (Pharm.D. 2007), Megan Koritnik (Pharm.D. 2007), Syed Aftab (B.S.P.S. 2007), Janet Kowalski (B.S.P.S. 2006), Jennifer Bryant, , Richard DeLaCruz, , Mohammed Hassan, Jack Kraus, Sergio Villacana, Alexei Grebenev, Brianne Chittenden (NSF REU, Univ. of Washington), Alicia Cleveland (MARC-AIM, Tennessee State), Kristen Balogh (Baldwin Wallace), Barry Steinkamp (Army Breast Cancer, Wabash)