Undergraduate Research Opportunities

This is a partial list of potential summer research opportunities for RHIT students interested in chemistry and biochemistry. This list was pretty current as of January, 2015, but some of the programs listed may not be still running. Please consult a mentor before applying to make sure that the program would be appropriate for you. Some start dates may also conflict with our academic calendar

General Listings:

These sites features collections of positions, and were the source for many of the listings below. Not sure how often they are updated…

Get Experience Website: American Chemical-sponsored list of chemistry and biochemistry REUs, internships and co-ops

NSF Chemistry REU sites This is a listing of summer REUs in chemistry sponsored by the National Science Foundation

NSF biological REU sites This is a listing of summer REUs in chemistry sponsored by the National Science Foundation

Rose-Hulman-based Opportunities

  1. Rose-Hulman IRC An internally-funded research program for Rose-Hulman students. The number of positions varies from year to year.

  2. Rose-Hulman Ventures Project-based internships partnered with an industrial client

  3. Joseph B. and Reba A. Weaver and RSURP Undergraduate Research Awards

Chemistry Programs

  1. Cincinnati Chemistry REU

  2. Purdue Summer Research fellowship

  3. Purdue Summer Research Program

  4. Nebraska Summer Research program

  5. Illinois Chemistry REU

  6. Michigan Chemistry REU

  7. Iowa REU in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

  8. Notre Dame Analytical Chemistry REU

  9. Wisconsin REU in Chemistry and  Chemical and Biological Engineering

  10. Penn State Chemistry REU

  11. Kansas Chemistry REU

  12. Northwestern SROP

  13. Minnesota Chemistry REU

  14. Columbia University Materials Research Center REU Program

  15. Duke U. Chemistry and Applications of Smart Molecules and Materials

  16. Duquesne Integrated Computational and Experimental Chemistry REU

  17. FIU REU Sensors and Sensing: From Molecules to Applications

  18. Texas A & M Chemistry REU

  19. Alabama Chemistry REU

  20. UC-Irvine Chemistry REU

  21. Montana Chemistry REU

  22. Southern Cal. Chemistry REU

  23. Virginia Tech REU in Macromolecules and Interfaces

  24. Kent State REU in Material Science

  25. Arkansas REU in Chemistry and Biochemistry

  26. Oregon REU in Environmental Chemistry

  27. U Rochester REU

  28. Tennessee Chemistry REU

  29. Syracuse Chemistry REU

  30. Georgia Tech Summer Research program

  31. Colorado Stae Chemistry REU

  32. North Dakota State Chemistry REU

  33. Summer Research at Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry  multi-school consortium studying sustainable chemistry

  34. Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute multidisciplinary program focused on marine science

Biochemistry/Biomedical Programs

  1. Purdue Protein REU

  2. Kentucky Biochemistry REU

  3. Mayo Clinic Summer Research program

  4. Cincinnati Summer Biomedical Research program

  5. UT-Southwestern Summer Research program

  6. Michigan Protein REU

  7. Minnesota Life Science Summer Research program

  8. Case Western Pharmacology

  9. U. Chicago Mol. Genetics and Cell Biology

  10. Cold Spring Harbor REU in Bioinformatics

  11. Boston U. REU in Chemical Biology

  12. Johns Hopkins Nanotechnology for Biology and Engineering

  13. Indiana Med School MD-PhD experience

  14. Princeton Undergraduate Summer Research in Molecular Biophysics

  15. Keck Graduate Institute Undergraduate Research in Biotechnology and Bioengineering

  16. Sloan Kettering Summer Undergraduate Research Program

  17. Ohio State Summer Undergraduate Course Creating Excellence in Scientific Study

  18. Buffalo Training Program in Biomedical Sciences

  19. UCLA Biomedical Science Research Program

  20. UT-Medical Branch Summer Research Program

  21. Vanderbilt Summer Research Academy

  22. Wash. U Biomedical Research program in St. Louis

  23. Wayne State Biomedical Research program

  24. Boston University Biomedical Research Program

  25. Danforth Plant Science Center

  26. NIH Summer Research This is a large federal research program near Washington DC covering all sorts of biomedical research

  27. NIEHS Summer Research This program is more focused on environmental health issues and is centered in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina

  28. Janelia Farms Research Program This is a prestigious research program sponsored by HHMI in Virginia

  29. Amgen Scholars A prestigious multi-school consortium focused on biomedical research