Ghana Go-Ahead

The RHIT student chapter of EWB has been given final approval to travel to Ghana on their first implementation trip to the community of Gomoa Gyaman! It’s been since August 2013 that the chapter first traveled to Gomoa Gyaman on an assessment trip in which the team met with community leaders and residents to learn about the needs of the community. The team learned that the community suffers from a sanitation issue due to a lack of adequate places to go to the bathroom. Much of the community practices open defecation while using the limited privacy of brush and other plants. The bathroom facilities that do exist are in very poor condition and pose structural safety threats. Children in the community are at high risk of contracting fecal-born diseases as most of the surface waters are polluted with human waste.

After two years of overcoming many design and logistical obstacles, we are returning to the community to begin construction on the first of four ventilated pit latrines. Each of the four latrines is designed to service one quarter of the community, roughly 800 residents, for at least five years before needing to be emptied. During our previous assessment trip, we learned that the community was not comfortable handling their waste themselves, making composting and other latrine types unfeasible. A professional waste removal service from a nearby city is able to be contracted to remove the waste as needed.

With less than two weeks until departure, the team is the most prepared they have been to make the largest impact in the community of Gomoa Gyaman! Stay tuned for our post-trip recap!