EWB-RHIT has worked in a variety of locations. Click on any location for more information about our involvement in that community.

    • Chaguarloma, Ecuador

      While closing out the sanitation project in Gomoa Gyaman, Ghana, EWB-RHIT applied for a new project in South America. This project will focus on water distribution to a small community. Our first assessment team is set to travel in the summer of 2018. We are excited to meet our new partners and dive into this new project!

    • Gomoa Gyaman, Ghana

      We have been working with Gomoa Gyaman since 2013 and since then EWB-RHIT has constructed two 12 stall latrines to meet the sanitation needs of the community. This required splitting implementation trips into a substructure trip, respectively. EWB-RHIT also constructed hand washing manuals for kids and educated the children and adults on the importance of proper sanitation. After one assessment trip, five implementation trips and one monitoring and evaluation trip, we have closed out our work with the community as of the spring of 2018.

    • Batey Relief Alliance, Dominican Republic (Closed)

      From 2009 until 2014, EWB-RHIT collaborated with the Batey Relief Alliance in the communities of Batey Cinco Casas and Batey Santa Rosa, Dominican Republic. Over the course of three assessment trips and four implementation trips, our travel teams constructed a hurricane and earthquake resistant roof and a septic system and piping network for the medical clinic in Batey Cinco Casas allowing for an outpatient facility to be implemented. We have also constructed six latrines for the community of Batey Santa Rosa and they also built three latrines on their own, displaying their understanding of the design and techniques used. The final monitoring trip to the community and all of the projects were determined to be a great success, especially with motivating the communities to continue working to improve their own livelihoods.

    • Obodan, Ghana (Closed)

      Since our founding in 2004 until 2008, we worked with the community of Obodan, Ghana in order to improve their infrastructure, and in doing so, improve their quality of life. Our chapter constructed a chicken brooder house and community center for the community.