Project Timeline



Obodan Program Overview

The goal of this program was to improve the sanitation, protein
consumption, education, water, and finances of the villagers. There was ample
help provided by the locals which led them to believe they would be able to
sustain the facilities after the program with our chapter ended. After training
the community on how to sustain the facilities and with the help of surrounding
villages, the community was able to maintain the project without the help of our


Chicken Brooder House

Where: Obodan, Ghana

When: 2005-2006

Purpose: Built a poultry house capable of housing 1200 chickens
(2800 square feet), storage for seed and a refrigerator area for vaccines. To train
village members in the proper technique for raising chickens, increase poultry
production and consumption, and to provide monetary support for the village. Dr.
Akunzule volunteered to educate the community about
the brooder house and how to raise and take care of chickens properly


  • The brooder house designed did not meet the expectations because a
    viable business plan was not created. The village member managing it has not
    had formal training or past experience in small business management and he has
    been unable to create the amount of positive cash flow that was expected.
  • The team was able to investigate the problem and make adjustments
    and create an easier to understand business plan


Community IT Center

Where: Obodan, Ghana

When: 2008

Purpose: To improve the effectiveness of the brooder house by continuing
training, adding additional features, and generating a business plan to make
the house profitable /community center

Obstacles: made so that community members, specifically children,
could gain better education within community

Outcome: Training Center never finished due to lost communication


Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic Program Overview (2010-2013)

The goal of this program was to improve the health care and
sanitation of the Batey Cinco Casas and Batey Santa Rosa communities in the DR. The Batey Cinco Casas trips were focused on building both a roof and an improved septic system for the local Clinic. We worked with
Architecture for Humanity-Indianapolis to design the roof for the clinic. The
follow-up septic system was to handle the increased waste needs from the
Clinic’s success. The locals were advised to repaint the roofing every two
years and train on other maintenance. In the second major phase of the DR
projects (Batey Santa Rosa), three pit latrines were
built. A contract was established so the community would use knowledge gained
during our visit to build three more identical latrines. At the end of the
project, EWB returned to construct three additional latrines for a total of
nine latrines. The latrines were small (but public) and maintained by
individual families. The community has been able to use their knowledge of
small-latrine construction to maintain the latrines.



Medical Clinic Roof

Where: Batey Cinco Casas, Dominican

When: August 2010 – March 2011

Purpose: To increase operations of an open-air medical clinic by
allowing for overnight patients and necessary medical equipment to be installed.

Outcome: Constructed a hurricane-wind designed roof to enclose the
medical clinic and provide a climate controlled environment.


    • because of the changes in temperature, the paint began peeling, allowing the
      metal underneath to begin rusting–team suggested clinic to repaint every two years
    • due to the way the roof was implemented, there were large grooves in the
      concrete below due to drip lines

      • the team had a gutter created for them and attached them to the roof after
        testing/checking the connections and levels
      • taught the clinic how to maintain this


Septic System

Where: Batey Cinco Casas, Dominican

When: March 2011 – August 2011

Purpose: To increase operations of the medical clinic by increasing
waste services.

Outcome: Constructed a septic system within the hospital confines.

Obstacles: The clinic encountered maintenance issues with the
septic system.  



Batey Santa Rosa, Dominican Republic

When: March
2012 – March 2013

Improve sanitary conditions in the Batey Santa Rosa

Constructed three single pit Latrines in Batey Santa
Rosa and formed a community contract: community will construct three latrines
independent of us and then we will return to construct three more. Nine single
pit latrines were built in total.



Gomoa Gyaman Program
Overview (2013 – 2018)

We applied for partnership with the community of Gomoa Gyaman in
2012 and was accepted in early spring of 2013. We performed an assessment trip
to Gomoa Gyaman from August 16th to 27th, 2013 where it was decided to build latrines

to improve sanitation.


Community Latrine

Where: Gomoa Gyaman, Ghana

When: August 2013 – 2018

Purpose: Improve sanitary conditions in the community

Outcome: We began construction of the latrines in August 2015. As of February 2018 two fully operational 12 stall latrines have been implemented. Travel teams also educated children on the importance of proper sanitation by developing a hand washing manual for the local schools. 

Obstacles: There were some problems finding sufficient materials which was overcome by changing the design.


Chaguarloma Program
Overview (2018 – Present)

We applied for partnership with the community of Chaguarloma in 2017 and was accepted in the winter of 2018. The goal of this project is to bring clean water to Chagularoma, Ecuador.  The project requires a water filtration and distribution system, in order to support between 35-40 families 100 liters of water per person per day.