Return to Ghana

In just a few weeks, from February 25th to March 6th, we will be returning to Gomoa Gyaman, Ghana to finish constructing the latrine! Over the fall and winter, the latrine substructure remained covered and unused, waiting for the next phase of construction. We will make use of the lessons learned on last summer’s trip including quality and availability of materials and labor delegation.

Currently, we are making sure all of our vaccinations are complete, developing a construction plan, and calculating the amount of material and labor required. This lengthy process includes all members of the club, not only those who will be travelling.

This latrine will have 10 stalls and 2 handwashing stations. It will be constructed using CMU and mortar walls with a truss-style roof. Stalls will be divided with CMUs and the roof will be covered with sheet metal. This latrine, when finished, will be a great improvement over existing latrines, some of which are structurally inadequate and others of which are full. Additionally, this latrine is designed to be emptied periodically by a professional waste removal service from a nearby city.

We have spent a significant time preparing for this trip and are really looking forward to the results. Check back for the post-trip recap!