Winter Implementation Trip to Ghana

This February marked EWB-RHIT’s fifth trip to Gomoa Gyaman, Ghana. Eight students and one faculty mentor, split into two separate teams, traveled to the community. One team was in charge of assessing potential sites for future latrines and determining the ideal method of construction for the substructure. The other team implemented the superstructure for the second community latrine.  Prior to their arrival, one completed 12-stall community latrine and a second completed latrine substructure had been implemented by previous Rose-Hulman travel teams.

The assessment team evaluated four potential sites.  The team first created a general map of the community to record the site and current latrine locations. At each site, the team tested the soil for permeability, determined soil size and quality, measured elevation changes, and made general observations.  Additionally, a social assessment was conducted by asking various village members questions in regards to the first completed latrine. The club intends to use all of the gathered information to improve the latrine design and better serve the community.

The implementation team constructed the superstructure of Gomoa Gyaman’s second ventilated pit latrine on top of the existing substructure.  Their tasks consisted of laying the block walls, pouring the bond beam, constructing wooden rafters for the roof, and building a stand for the water tank.  The team worked alongside community workers and guided the masons, carpenters, and laborers in completing the superstructure. The Gomoa Gyaman people were left to put the finishing touches on the latrine. The facility will be open and ready for use by the summer of 2017.

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