Thank You Jed & Project Update

Our technical mentor, Jed Holt, has traveled with us to Gomoa Gyaman on three implementation trips. Not only was he there for us when we needed last-minute design changes and kept us on task during the daily meetings, but he also created lasting relationships with the community and travel team members. To thank him for the time he has put into our chapter, members of past travel teams met Jed and his wife in Indianapolis for dinner. We all enjoyed good food and reminisced about our trips to Ghana with him.

The EWB contract with the community of Gomoa Gyaman, which was signed at the beginning of our partnership in 2011, stated that we would continue our partnership for five years. The chapter also decided that the needs of the community of Gomoa Gyaman are expanding beyond what we can offer. At the close of our contract and in order to fulfill the mission of EWB-USA, we have decided that closing out the program is the best option. There are currently two latrine structures that have been completed, one of which is open for public use. Jed has expressed interest in traveling with us on the monitoring and evaluation trip in February and we are thrilled to have him as part of the travel team once again. On this upcoming trip, we will assess the effect of the completed sanitation project in the community. We will conduct additional hand-washing lessons and complete maintenance tasks as needed. As we wrap up the project, our goal is that the community will continue to maintain and use the bathroom facilities that have already been implemented.


Closing out the project in Gomoa Gyaman  enables our chapter to open a new program. Over the past few months, we have been working on finding another project in a new area. We are excited to start working with a new community at the beginning of 2018.




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