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    • Mapping the discrete logarithm.  With Daniel R. Cloutier.   ANTS VII, 2006.
      • Abstract [pdf (conference web site)]
      • Poster [pdf (conference web site)] [slideshare]
    • A statistical look at maps of the discrete logarithm.  With Nathan Lindle.  ANTS VIII, 2008.
      • Abstract [pdf (conference web site)] [pdf] Also published in Communications in Computer Algebra, 42:57–59, 2008. [publisher]
      • Poster [pdf (conference web site)] [pdf] [slideshare]
    • Math in Your Hands:  Integrating the Use of Maple with the Collaborative Use of Wireless Tablet PCs.  WIPTE, 2008.
    • Fixed points and two-cycles of the self-power map.  ANTS X, 2012.
    • Statistics for fixed points of x  ↦ xx mod p.  With Matthew Friedrichsen.  ANTS XI, 2014.