Talks about teaching

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  • Understanding the Magic: Teaching Cryptography with Just the Right Amount of Mathematics
  • Cryptography and Computer Security for Undergraduates (Panel, SIGCSE 2004)
    • Abstract [pdf]
    • Moderator (Paul De Palma, Gonzaga University) [html]
    • Cryptography and Computer Security for Undergraduates (Suzanne Gladfelter, Penn State York) [html]
    • Applied Cryptography (Charles Frank, Northern Kentucky University) [html]
    • Mathematical Cryptography (Joshua Holden) [pdf] [slideshare]
  • Underwater Hacker Missile Wars: A Multidisciplinary Design Competition (ASEE 2005. With Richard Layton, Tina Hudson and Laurence D. Merkle) [html]
  • Number Theory, Polynomials, and the Advanced Encryption Standard
  • The Pohlig-Hellman Exponentiation Cipher as a Bridge Between Classical and Modern Cryptography [pdf] [slideshare] [abs]
  • Teaching the Group Theory of Permutation Ciphers [slideshare] [abs]
  • “How Do You Say ‘Cryptography’ in Romanian?” Learning About Integers from Ciphers in Different Languages [slideshare] [abs]
  • A Good Hash Function is Hard to Find, and Vice Versa [slideshare] [abs]