Undergraduate (and Undergraduate-Suitable) Talks

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  • Modular Arithmetic and Trap Door Ciphers (RSA)
  • A Tour of Public Key Cryptography (and of Number Theory) (Merkle’s Puzzles, Diffie-Hellman, RSA, Massey-Omura, etc.) [html] [abs]
  • AMS Special Session on Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Fiber Arts (January 2005 Joint Mathematics Meetings) [web page]
  • Blackwork Embroidery and Algorithms for Maze Traversals (joint work with Lana Holden) [slideshare] [abs]
  • How to Paint Your Way out of a Maze (joint work with Lana Holden) [slideshare] [abs]
  • Two versions of a talk on math and art (joint work with Lana Holden):
    • Braids, Cables, and Cells: An Interesting Intersection of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Art (more general examples) [slideshare] [abs]
    • Braids, Cables, and Cells: An Intersection of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Fiber Arts (knitting and crochet examples) [slideshare] [abs]
  • Braids, Cables, and Cells II: Representing Art and Craft with Mathematics and Computer Science (joint work with Lana Holden) [slideshare] [abs]
  • Stitching Graphs and Painting Mazes: Problems in Generalizations of Eulerian Walks (joint work with Lana Holden) [slideshare] [abs]
  • Granny’s Not So Square, After All: Hyperbolic Tilings with Truly Hyperbolic Crochet Motifs (joint work with Lana Holden) [slideshare] [abs]